A fresh and modern environment within an opulent nature. 

A home for travellers, businessmen and holidaymakers


stay for business or leisure, find
a place to rest and relax
a living room to spend time with family
a fireplace to warm up feet and mind
a bar to meet friends and plan a bright tomorrow

A bit to eat

all the day long, from the breakfast buffet with organic products,
to a gourmet dinner, enjoy fine food with wild fragrance, snacks
and tea time.


Find out about Strasbourg past and present

go through alsatian villages meet artists and artisans

visit exhibitions and trade fairs, art galleries and festivals

enjoy golfing, horse and bikeriding

go for a walk



The team

ChristineBelindaVéronique, CatherineOliviaThomasAndrée and Béatrice.


The mill

The origin of this stately mill goes back to the Middle Ages.

The building, built in 1608 by the Bishop of Strasbourg, was destroyed during the Thirty Years War by Manfeld’s bands and rebuilt in 1629. An act in 1773 described it as a mill with four millstones, existing from time immemorial.

It belonged to Germaine Muets, André Meng’s widow (1728-1762). It was handed down from generation to generation.

André Meng’s daughter married the architect of Strasbourg, Pierre-Valentin Boud’hors. The couple, who never used it as a mill, lived there for their last years, the wife until 1827, the husband until 1831. The name of the Boud’hors can be seen, engraved on the stone arch to the garden.

In 1813, on a property of 2 ha, stood a mill surrounded with a house, a barn, a washhouse and, on the other side of the river, a hempmill. A large courtyard, a garden, meadows and grazing lands occupied the rest of the property.

All the buildings, rented to Sébastien Clauss since 1854, were destroyed by a fire in 1868. Sébastien Clauss then bought the ruins and rebuilt the mill. In 1874, an inn was added.

In 1940, german artillery shots brought the mill to ashes. Rebuilt in 1942 by care of the Germans, it was run by Alfred Clauss from 1911 to 1966, and the milling ceased definitelyin 1970.

In 1951, Charles and Paulette Clauss, succeeded Victorine Clauss, Alfred’s wife who had given the restaurant its reputation since 1912. Today, Philippe Clauss carries it on.

In 1981, the mill was converted into a hotel. Béatrice and Andrée Clauss are very pleasedto welcome you.